Insulin pump consumables reviews and feedback

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The new 1.8 and 3.0ml Syringe Reservoirs from Applied Diabetes Research are engineered to work with Medtronic MiniMed’s Paradigm® series of insulin pumps, but will connect to any infusion set using a standard Luer connector. This means Paradigm users now have a lot more choices when it comes to infusion sets! Although these reservoirs look a bit different from the pump company’s version, they are designed exclusively for use with all Medtronic Minimed Paradigm® pumps.

ADR supplies are distributed in the UK by:

Advanced Therapeutics (UK) Ltd

Small lump after removing ‘badge’ on infusion set.
Use Lift Plus spray to help remove the set.
You can get a free sample from and it is available on prescription.
Just spray it onto the set, wait a few seconds and then it peels off really easily.

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