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Insulin Pump Therapy In Children

Increased flexibility Insulin pump therapy allows your child to go about their day without having to worry about timing and dosage of insulin injections.

Improved glucose control Insulin pumps can be adjusted constantly throughout the day according to the bodys demand and glucose level. This gives your child better control over their diabetes.

Increased Quality of Life With Insulin Pump Therapy, your child can focus on living a full and active life, instead of worrying about where and how to inject insulin.

Increased Comfort Traditional insulin injections require needle sticks and can be painful for some children. With insulin pump therapy, insulin is delivered intravenously, eliminating the pain and discomfort associated with injections. 

Reduced side effects Your child can avoid some of the potential side effects associated with rapid-acting insulin, such as low blood sugar or weight gain. Instead, insulin pumps can better match the bodys needs.

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