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Insulin pump insurance

  1. Make sure to research and understand the coverage offered by insurers. Its important to know what type of coverage is included and whether it is adequate for your specific situation.
  2. Get a copy of the policy and review it closely to make sure it includes coverage specifically for insulin pumps.
  3. Make sure to get the necessary paperwork necessary to prove that you do indeed carry an insulin pump.
  4. Understand any costs associated with the coverage, including deductibles or co-payments. Its important to know how much you may have to pay out of pocket each month.
  5. Consider talking to your doctor about the best type of insurance coverage that would meet your needs.
  6. Ask around to different insurers to compare contents and costs. It may be possible to find a company that would provide more comprehensive coverage at a lower overall cost.

Quickly see how much you can protect your insulin pump from accidental damage, loss and theft underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.

Our Insulin Pump Insurance is recommended by UK NHS trusts for only £6.95 a month

You can insure your insulin pump, the receiver for both your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) or flash glucose sensor in case it is lost, stolen or damaged.

Afraid you might accidentally break your Insulin Pump? Don't worry - if your pump gets lost, stolen or damaged, we'll help get things back to normal as soon as we can.

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