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iBook by Joe Solowiejczyk – A Type 1 Diabetes Guide To The Universe is available on iTunes.

A Mile in My Shoes is dedicated to producing fun, unique web-based presentations and learning resources for patients and their families wishing to increase their self-management knowledge base and emotional coping skills. The new e-book self-management manual, A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe, is a new and exciting part of that initiative. Website here.

Known in the Type 1 community as the Type 1 bible, the updated 6th Edition is one of the best books you can have to reference for Type 1. While research continues to search for a cure, the expectation is that those afflicted should enjoy a long life and healthy lifestyle. Medical research has conclusively proved that looking after your own diabetes – and keeping your blood glucose level down – is the key to avoiding the pitfalls and long-term risks. Available at Amazon

Pumping Insulin

Everything You Need for Success on a Smart Insulin Pump (Paperback)

Available at Amazon

Using Insulin

Everything You Need for Success with Insulin (Paperback)
Available at Amazon

Think like a pancreas

Comprehensive, free of medical jargon, and packed with useful information not readily available elsewhere, this new edition covers the many strides taken in diabetes education and management since the first edition seven years ago.

On Amazon

Carbs and Cals

Carbs and Cals, perfect for helping with carb counting

Carb Counter

A Clear Guide to Carbohydrates in Everyday Foods (Collins GEM) (Paperback)

Available at Amazon

Fat, Fibre and Carbohydrate Counter

(Health Education Authority) (Paperback)

Available at Amazon from 1p (yes one pence)

My Life as A Pancreas

Reflections on Raising a Child With Diabetes (Paperback)

Available at Amazon

Bonnie Bionic Takes an Insulin Pump to School 

Have you ever underestimated a child's ability to understand a concept that you were certain was far beyond their ken? Or perhaps given them less credit for having compassion for the plight of others? Well, I have! And I am delighted to say that I have learned from my experiences with the children who have taught me as much as I taught them. Bonnie Bionic is a 1500-word picture book story about an elementary school aged girl who develops juvenile diabetes and how well she copes with the diagnosis. She is undaunted by modern technology which is instrumental in treating her new disorder. As a child of the "computer era," Bonnie takes to the concept of using a mini computer as an integral part of her treatment like a duck takes to water. The story takes the child's view of what is important in her world and may be surprising to adults who would worry about other things not nearly as important to the child involved.

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