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Insulin injection pen accessories reviews and feedback

Glucology insulin pen bag

12-MONTH WARRANTY - If, within 12 months of purchase, you are not satisfied with the quality and performance of our cooler bag, just let us know so we can provide a full refund or product replacement.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT DESIGN - This portable cooler pack fits nicely in your backpack. Given its travel-friendly size, our travel pouch can easily fit 2 standard-sized injection pens at a time.

REUSABLE WHENEVER NEEDED - If you need to extend the insulating effects of our travel pouch, just reactivate the bag by immersing it again in cold water to keep your insulin cool for another 36 hours.

PREVENTS INSULIN FROM SUFFERING - After activation, our insulin cooler pack is designed to keep your insulin cool (below 28˚C) for up to 36 hours at a time, making it an essential accessory for travel.

JUST IMMERSE IN COLD WATER - Unlike other insulin pen cooler bags that require you to prepare ice packs or batteries, our diabetic travel case only needs to immersed in cold water to get activated.

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FRIO Paradise Pink Duo Insulin Wallet

Keeps Insulin Cool and Safe

No Refrigeration required- simply activate with cold water

Reusable, Lightweight and Compact

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ELITE BAGS FIT'S Diabetic Insulated Bag for Insulin

INCREDIBLY ORGANISED: its variety of pockets will allow you to organise all the necessary material to treat diabetes.

PRACTICAL: thanks to its internal isothermal pocket for cold gel and insulin, your medicines will always be kept at the right temperature.

TAKE IT ANYWHERE: its dimensions are ideal for taking it anywhere.

UNISEX DESIGN: its innovative design and colour makes it suitable for both men and women.


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