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John Davis is awarded an MBE for his work with INPUT

John Davis, 72, of Lymington, has been awarded an MBE after heading a support group for patients with diabetes.

Mr Davis founded INPUT, which is campaigning for more diabetics to be prescribed insulin pump therapy.

INPUT estimates that only three per cent of the 300,000 people with Type 1 diabetes in the UK have pumps.

John Davis, who has used one of the devices since 1997, has recently retired from the group, having seen it grow over the past 13 years.

John Davis was first diagnosed with diabetes in 1987 following severe pancreatitis. A pump user himself since 1997, he founded INPUT in 1998.

INPUT serves as a centre for information on insulin pump therapy and an advocacy group for consistent funding for insulin pump therapy across the UK.

NHS Primary Care Trusts must comply with NICE Technology Appraisals, but inadequate governmental supervision of their implementation and little support from the Department of Health to establish best practices have made the NICE guidance on insulin pump therapy very difficult to enforce. INPUT works with Diabetes UK, JDRF, the Department of Health, members of all UK Parliaments, the diabetes care industry, consultant diabetologists, diabetes specialist nurses, general practitioners, to bring about full adoption of the NICE guidance on insulin pump therapy. In 2006 John was winner of the Diabetes UK “HG Wells Award”.

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