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School Care Plans

A school plan for type 1 diabetes is a plan that outlines the steps that need to be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of a student with type 1 diabetes while they are at school. It should include information about the student's diabetes management, such as their insulin regimen, blood sugar monitoring, and any other necessary treatments. It should also include information about how the school can help the student manage their diabetes, such as providing snacks and drinks, and having a designated area for the student to check their blood sugar. Additionally, the plan should include emergency protocols in case of a medical emergency, such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Here are a list of school care plans that have been submitted by parents and can be used as examples:

MDI Care Plan examples:

Care plan for 8 Year old at Primary school

MDI Care Plan 11-09 v2-4- anonymous: pdf version

Actions to take at different blood glucose levels examples

School Blood Glucose matrix pdf version

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