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Diabetes at school

Managing your Type 1 Diabetes a School

First of all the management of Type 1 Diabetes at school differs depending on the age of the child. In the early years and depending on the support of the school and teachers the management would be mostly down to the parent by calling on the school at certain times of the day or by the assistance on the school and school teachers to help the child to test their bloods and bolus for a meal, correct if required. At some time it would be required to change failed cannula. At certain special events (sports, coach trips) you would be required to adapt the routine or ask for specific assistance from the school and school teachers to help prevent any episodes. From experience the support of the school and school teachers can vary a lot from no assistance at all to visually attending a child while they test to actually doing a finger prick test to test the blood glucose.

Later on in school life or when they get to high school the reliance on the parent to call on the school or teachers to assist or oversee the testing of blood glucose gets less and less over time. But this depends on the requirements and the control. It is always a requirement that some acknowledgement of blood glucose is done, this would normally come to light in the evenings when the parent reviews the blood meter to see that no test was done before a meal or at a certain time of day. This would get relayed back to the school to ask for some kind of assistance.

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