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Sasha and Rebecca, Centreparcs - 2000Welcome to the website for the Children with Diabetes UK Advocacy Group.  We have a large online community of Facebook Groups and a Yahoo email and support group. Having a child diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes can be a frightening experience. Join our group on Facebook which will put you in touch with other families who are raising children with diabetes. It is open to UK parents and carers who would like to discuss all of the personal and scientific aspects of this condition and how it affects their family’s lives. We aim to support families with newly diagnosed children or any families who wish to discuss raising a child with diabetes.

Facebook Groups

CWD UK Main group for Parents and Carers of Children with Diabetes

CWD UK Education – from nursery through to University

CWD UK Teens with Diabetes for kids aged 13-15 years old

CWD Young Adults with Diabetes 16-25 years old

For those not on facebook we have a Yahoo group which can be used like a mailing list:

CWD UK Yahoo support and discussion group

Who are we?

The Children with Diabetes UK (CWD UK) online groups and the Children with Diabetes UK Advocacy Group are patient led support groups for families of children with diabetes living in the UK. It is run by families of children with diabetes. The UK mailing list was founded in 2002 and the UK CWD Advocacy Group was formed in 2006. For over 13 years the mailing list service was provided and supported by Children with Diabetes which operates  as an Ohio-based. not-for-profit corporation, but as technology changed we are now based on Facebook and have a Yahoo Group in place of the original mailing list.

What do we do?

The groups are open to parents/carers who wants to discuss all of the personal and scientific aspects of diabetes in children and how it affects their family’s lives. We aim to support families with newly diagnosed children or any families who wish to discuss raising a child with diabetes. Our objectives are to increase knowledge and awareness about the diabetes and its treatment in children and young people. We share experiences of living with diabetes. We support families who are having problems achieving good control, we increase awareness about new treatments and insulin pump therapy, we support families who are experiencing difficulties in getting support for their children while they are at school or in hospitals. We feel strongly that schools should be given the necessary help and guidance to provide excellent support for children at school. We advocate working in partnership with schools/school personnel with the help of other Patient Groups such as Diabetes UK, INPUT and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help schools and hospitals to help our children.

Living with diabetes and school issues

Currently in the UK, many children with diabetes are being denied proper care and support. Many more children are being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and at an earlier age. Many are pre-school children. Diabetes care has changed dramatically over the last few years. Children are testing and injecting more frequently and Insulin pumps are now much more common. This change in care means that more support in schools is required than in the past. We are a group of parents living in the UK who are trying to raise awareness about the discrimination in schools that many children with diabetes encounter. Children have been muddling through, with mediocre or poor support in school for many years; we need to address these issues now, so that children with diabetes have a better quality of life right now and a future with fewer complications. Taking care of a young child with diabetes takes more one-on-one time than taking care of a similar child without diabetes, and schools should take this into account. Schools need to be able to access funding to provide extra support in the classroom if require. Older children’s needs are often ignored altogether. We should not tolerate this discrimination in schools because of our child’s medical status. We are currently working with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Diabetes UK and INPUT to raise awareness of the problems in schools. A report by the UK Children With Diabetes Advocacy Group, investigating the range of contemporary educational experiences of children with diabetes at school in the UK today.

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All families in England and Wales should join their local Network Group to make their voice heard – More information and all Groups are listed Here