Benefits and Allowances

If you have a child under 16, with type 1 diabetes you MAY be able to claim Disability Living Allowance.

You should be given information by your diabetes clinic about Diabetes, family support groups in your area, and how to claim Disability Living Allowance to help cover the home supervision of your child now that s/he has diabetes.

Diabetes UK has some infomation on completing the forms here At the bottom it goes through the pages step by step. We always do a week to 10 days care diary. We also test at night time. To be awarded the middle or higher rate you usually must be giving night time care.

If you think a decision about your benefit claim is wrong

If you think a decision about your benefit claim is wrong you can ask the office who made the decision to explain it. You can also ask to have the decision reconsidered and, if you’re still unhappy, you can, in most cases, appeal against the decision.

  • If you receive DLA at the higher or middle rate you may be able to claim Carers Allowance (CA).

Are you age 16 or over, spending at least 35 hours a week looking after someone who is getting, or waiting to hear about Disability Allowance at the middle or highest rate? and do not earn above £95 a week. Check the Carer’s Allowance page Disability Living Allowance for children with diabetes Carer’s Allowance for parents wit hchildren with diabetes