Gluten free recipe

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Coeliac disease seems to be more common in people who have Type 1 diabetes. this relates to the autoimmune disease. I was personally diagnosed with coeliac some 12 months ago and now I am going through a large dietary change.

I’ve been told to stay on diary products due to my absorption of calcium is not good.

So Milk and Cheese are on the menu.
We eat a lot of pulses, lentils, beans, chickpeas etc. Rice and vegetables are a must for all your vitamins, I’ve also been advised to eat fish. So you can’t go wrong with Fish and Rice dishes. Amazon has a massive range of Gluten Free cook books and they seem to be getting better every year. This one The Gluten-Free cookbook is one of them.

Some of the recipes I like:
Balsamic shallots and carrots with goats cheese.

Ratatouille and Parmesan bake

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