Children with diabetes email, mailing Lists and Groups

FFL group photoJoin our UK emailing support and discussion group which will put you in touch with other families who are raising children with diabetes.

From December 2014, please can you join our Facebook groups or the Yahoo Group mailing list.  This is due to future changes with our original lists and they will eventually go altogether.

CWD UK Main group for Parents and Carers of Children with Diabetes

CWD UK Education – from nursery through to University

CWD UK Teens with Diabetes for kids aged 13-15 years old

CWD Young Adults with Diabetes 16-25 years old

CWD UK Yahoo Group

Mailing Lists – What are They Anyway?

A mailing list is a group of users who share information on a common topic. Mailing lists allow messages to be distributed to all of the list’s subscribers by submitting a message to a single address. When a message is sent to the list address, it is forwarded to all subscribers of the list, who each receive a copy of the original message.

To subscribe, type your email address tick “Immediate Delivery,” and click the “Submit” button. You will receive an email confirming your subscription to which you must reply. This prevents people from signing others up to the list. To unsubscribe, type your email address in below, check “Unsubscribe,” and click the “Submit” button. You will be removed immediately. No confirmation is need to unsubscribe.

Our original email lists:

  • Parents of Children with Type 1
  • Parents with babies/toddlers/under 6 years
  • Parents of Teens mailing list

One thought on “Children with diabetes email, mailing Lists and Groups

  1. Hi! My son Josh who is 5 and half was diagnosed with diabetes just under a year now. We’ve all had to adapt quickly and care is shared between myself, the school, the childminder and his father who has him over weekends. Recently school is picked out that he is not paying attention in class and that he keeps putting his hand up to go to the office to have his bloo checked as he is feeling low and that it isn’t always the case. I feel that he does loose a lot of time from class doing so and often comes back to class missing out on the topic. He is performing well everywhere else such as reading, basically it tends to be his class work. Id rather his bloo checked than run the risk of hypo in class. I’m about to har a meeting in the school in the next week and want them to understand that I feel as because I, his mum is not there by his side he doesn’t feel that safe and he probably does with his nurse in the medical room hence the reason if he feels particularly strange he asks to go there. There is some doubt ontonf that he could be playing with the idea a little but no risks can be taken here. The school has three diabetic children now and the mother of the first child diagnosed put in a good fight to get the support we have with the nurse but there seems to be only one main nurse deeling with all these kids.just curious to know how other parents cope with kids with diabetese at school.

    Best Regards Christina

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