CGM loop

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Whatever you want to call it. Looping, OpenAps, DIY Looping or the Artificial Pancreas, it has been going for a while now. It works, it works very well, too well sometimes but it’s not the easiest thing to setup but with lots of trial and error in getting the correct hardware and software installed it will work and it has great potential.

Here are some links of information to get you started.

The base of our OpenAps was the orange PI. They have them available on Amazon.
You also need a CC1111 from texas instruments. Available here. They are rather expensive at £85 but it required for Medtronic 522 pumps.
Please note that the Medtronic 640 is not compatible because all communications are encrypted. You can still use it with nightscout. More details here.

You will also need a CC1111 debugger and Programmer which they do have on Amazon

You then need to follow the instructions from OpenAps

Please note you can use the Raspberry Pi but I found the orange PI to be more compact and capable. We also tried Raspberry Pi 3 , 2 and zero and they had more issues.
Please also note that this was for or using a Medtronic 522.

Nightscout information for viewing data

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