Diabetes UK hold annual events for families and young people with Type 1 Diabetes. Contact Diabetes UK for up to date information. As well as fundraising locally around the UK.

JDRF hold Discovery days and weekend for families and young people with Type 1 Diabetes.  They support many fundraising events around the UK also.

Children With Diabetes 2019 Conference

The Registration Line for our Children With Diabetes 2019 Conference will go LIVE on 18 March 2019 at 8 am. This year’s conference is to be held at De Vere Staverton Estate in Daventry on 25-27 October 2019.

Initially, the line will be open to First Timers only. If you have attended before please DO NOT attempt to book as a First Timer. We will be watching the registrations coming in and anyone who attempts to register during this period who is not a first timer will forfeit his/her/their place(s).

Registration exclusively for First Timers opens on Monday 18 March at 8 am until Saturday 23 March at 11 am.

The Line will then close for an hour and any unsold places will be placed into the general “pot”. The Registration Line will reopen at 12 noon on Saturday 23 March and the remaining places (plus any left over from the initial amount) will be available for everyone else, including any First Timers who did not manage to register previously. This will remain open until all the places have been taken. We will compile a waiting list should there still be requests for places thereafter. Further places may be available if sufficient funding is secured. The Registration Line is for the Conference only: hotel accommodation is NOT included.

Everyone attending the Conference MUST register, it is not just our T1 heroes who require to do so.

The registration fees are:-

£80 pp aged 6 and above
£40 pp aged 2-5 years
FOC for ages 0-23 months

The fee covers:-

• Conference t-shirt
• Conference Programme (one per family)
• Focus Groups on Friday hosted by our Platinum
• Friday night Opening Keynote and reception thereafter
in Exhibition Hall
• 4 sessions for adults/young adults with a choice of
speakers on Saturday and Sunday
• Full Youth programme for Elementary, Tweens and
Teens on Saturday and Sunday
• Childcare for the Under 5s with visits from various
Faculty members on Saturday and Sunday
• All snacks between sessions
• Lunch both days
• Family Party on Saturday night

Dinner is not included on either Friday or Saturday nights.

Please do not attempt to or register any child younger than his/her actual age. Their actual ages as at 25 October 2019 are required to enable us to allocate them to their age appropriate groups:-

Childcare – 0-5 years
Elementary – 6-8 years
Tweens – 9-12 years
Teens – 13-17 years (or 18 if still in school)

Please note that no child can move up or down groups to be with siblings or friends. They MUST be in their age appropriate group, based on their age on first day of Conference. Each group is geared for that specific age group. In Childcare the children are grouped within their ages with their activities geared accordingly.

Refunds will be available up until 13 September 2018. Thereafter no refunds will be available unless we have a waiting list. However, please note that there is a cancellation fee of £10 per person. CWD is not only subsidising your registration fee but also covering the booking fee per person on each registered place.

Our Registration Desk at the Conference will open at 8.30 am on Friday 25 October, with Focus Groups hosted by our Platinum Sponsors on offer both morning and afternoon (more information to follow). The Exhibition Hall will open at 12 noon and the Opening Keynote address and Youth group Icebreakers will take place at 7.30 pm that evening followed by a reception in the Exhibition Hall.

Please book your hotel accommodation which is on a B&B basis, by contacting De Vere Staverton Estate on 01327 220676. The rates, per night are:-

Double Room for Single Occupancy – £110
Double Room for Double Occupancy – £120
Family Room Triple Occupancy – £140
Family Room for 2 Adults and 2 Children – £150

Please note the children are on z-beds in the family rooms which the hotel does not recommend for ages 14+.

When booking, please quote “CHIL221019” to get our Conference rate. The hotel will be taking bookings from others not attending our Conference, therefore, please book your hotel accommodation after registering for the Conference or as soon as possible thereafter to avoid disappointment. Should you wish to extend your stay, then these rates are on offer to our families on either side of the Conference subject to availability when booking.

If you have any queries on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached on, or pm me.

The link to the registration line is here

Read the report from Crieff in 2018 here

FFL 2018 Crieff

Phillip Schofield talks Type 1

Filmed especially for CWDUK Phillip Schofield talks Type 1 and what it is like to be a son and a brother to someone with Type 1 Diabetes.

A Mother’s Anthem-I am the Mother of a Diabetic Child

Based on the poem ‘A Mother’s Anthem’ by Linda Kaniasty, this film was made by Suscito Films for Children with Diabetes UK to raise awareness as part of Diabetes Awareness Week 2012. 
This short film is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers who don’t sleep at night, to all the children who live with this condition so bravely and to all the families that this condition touches.

Hope is in a cure.

Mini-Dose Glucagon Rescue for Hypoglycemia in Children With Type 1 Diabetes

One of the greatest challenges that parents of children with diabetes face is caring for their children when they have a stomach illness. When kids have a stomach flu and aren’t able to keep food down, blood sugars can drop quickly. With blood sugars dropping and kids unable to eat, parents often resort to a trip to the emergency room for an IV of glucose or a large dose of glucagon. A new study offers an easier alternative.

A team from the Texas Children’s Hospital Diabetes Care Center came up with a novel idea: use very small doses of glucagon, injected subcutaneously using a regular insulin syringe, instead of the usual large dose of glucagon given IM as a way of staving off hypoglycemia in kids with a stomach illness (gastroenteritis) or who were not cooperating and needed food. Whereas a typical glucagon injection delivers 500 to 1,000 µg, the Texas Children’s team suggested the following dosing schedule:

  • 20 µg for kids ages 2 or under, and
  • 10 µg per year of age for kids from 2 to 15 (20 µg at age 2, 30 µg at age 3, etc.)
  • 150 µg for kids 15 or older


Parents were instructed to dilute the glucagon as instructed in the glucagon emergency kit, but then to use a standard U-100 insulin syringe (30, 50, or 100 units) to draw up the glucagon. Each “unit” on the U-100 insulin syringe corresponds to 10 µg of glucagon. Thus kids two or under received two “units” of glucagon, while a 10-year-old would receive 10 “units,” based on the dosing schedule above. Parents monitored blood glucose every 30 minutes. If the child hadn’t improved in 30 minutes, the dose was doubled and given again.

The results were excellent. Given in the doses outlined, blood sugars rose an average of 3.33-5.00 mmol/l (60-90 mg/dl) within 30 minutes and lasted for about an hour. Also, in the doses given as described, the glucagon did not cause an increase in nausea as is typical with large dose glucagon, and none of the kids vomited from the glucagon.

The team stressed that their approach is suitable for relative hypoglycemia in the face of stomach illness or lack of cooperation in eating, not unconsciousness due to severe hypoglycemia.

For further information